Thursday, February 3, 2011

taking a two-hour lunch break, very much needed.

I am going to be honest here. There are few things more relaxing for me than catching up with my friends' blogs, stalking others, looking at fun websites and reading little tidbits of wit or pictures of beautiful homes. That is what I do when I have an hour to kill and no desire to leave the couch (or in today's case, chair.) January was the craziest month I have ever had, I think. I literally sped from one place to another with no breaks in between and even though some of those things were very fun, I was so exhausted all of the time. I also fell into some bad eating habits as I often do when time is a factor. (I love you, Wendy's.) So February is a new month and I am dubbing it the month of rejuvenation! This is good because usually February is the hardest month of the year for me (followed closely by march) because I HATE winter. I hate being cold. And these last few days-oh have they been cold! But I have started a green smoothie kick that I hope to keep up with forever, but if not then at least this month. Read more about green smoothies here or here. I am already feeling so much better, I have more energy and honestly am less stressed. Anyway-enough of my rant. I have been looking at one of my favorite e-card sites for the last few minutes and wanted to share a little bit of funny with whoever needs it today.

I will jump on this bandwagon for Black History Month.

A couple of lovey-dovey cards for my man.

And for my other loved ones.

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