Thursday, February 24, 2011

sewing project: chevron pillow shams

Me and my honey do not have any real bedding. Decorating our bedroom is the last on my priority list, and we don't make our bed that often anyway! (That should probably change...) So I have been dying to find some chevron fabric for throw pillows and what not. Some befell me thanks to my fantastic mother-in-law. I knew just what to do with it, I had the perfect amount for two pillows. Finally! Something to decorate my bed. So my super Mom helped me thread the bobbin and sat next to me for moral support while I did my first real all by myself sewing project! I am so thankful for my mom and Jacob's for always being so generous with things like this. I can honestly say that these were super easy, if you want to learn, these are perfect for a first-timer. I found the tutorial here at DesignSponge.



If you were at my wedding, yes that is one of my table cloths I am using as a bedspread. If it helps my case, it was originally a bedsheet! I am honestly a little embarrassed to be putting pictures of my bedroom here, but it is like any room, a work in progress. Any love you can show for the shams will make me feel a little better?!


  1. woo hoo i love them Sar! I need to fix up my own bedroom come to think of it!! :)