Sunday, February 13, 2011

pj's birthday at the cabin.

Once upon a time I had a wonderful roommate named Patti. We had the opportunity a few weekends ago to go up to a cabin to celebrate her birthday with her! She and her husband Bryon, us, and another couple Erin and Dustin spent the night and most of another day up there playing games, snowmobiling, sledding, and enjoying the phenomenal scenery. You guys, I have not been to a place like that in my life- it was so so so beautiful! There was 8 feet of snow surrounding all of the cabins so we had to park super far away and then they came and picked us up on snowmobiles to drive us in to where the cabin was. And the cabin was everything a cabin should be. A freeeezing and fun adventure!

Yes, we got to ride in this tank.

the birthday girl

attempting to make two saucers into one big sled...