Saturday, February 12, 2011

making things pretty, making pretty things.

I am so inspired this weekend by the creative things that people come up with! I love a good DIY project. Sometimes I wish I was a stay-at-home wife so that I could do things like this more often. But I do have some time this weekend and next away from my husband (not exactly jumping for joy on this one) so I have rounded up a few ideas I'd like to try. These all come from the amazing blogger Liz, from Say Yes! to Hoboken. She is an inspiration!

(check. mine is not quite as chic but i still like it)

(i really want to wear this for my valentine's date on monday!)

Also, I am inspired to try making this tote, originally found at american apparel and sadly! no longer in stock. It looks pretty easy though. I am not schooled in the ways of sewing yet but my mother is trying to teach me and I am desperately trying to learn, one project at a time.


  1. when i move back to utah... we should forget our jobs and stay home and be crafty all day. when you learn how to sew... will you then please teach me? i told mi madre that i wanted a sewing machine for graduation! luff you.