Thursday, February 17, 2011

i don't know.

So yesterday I decided to google something, but I was not using the actual google search engine, but it is still called "googling" to me okay? (Insert inappropriate 30 rock quote here.) Anyway, I wanted to know how common it was to develop allergies to things you eat too much. It was just something I have heard and I have been eating (drinking) so many bananas and spinach lately in my smoothies because those are the two best things for green smoothies. Okay I know TMI no one cares so I decided to search that but you know how when you start to type something the internet likes to be creepy and start finishing your sentence for you? I typed "How common is" and this is what came up, and I began L-ing OL and totally forgot to actually even search what I was going to search. I will do that right after this. Anyway I thought I would share it so here is the list.

How common is umbilical hurnia in horses
How common is pervasive development disorder
How common is hacking into facebook
How common is a blood
How common is the name atlantis

Okay! Can anyone tell me why those are the ones that come up? They can't be the most commonly searched items right? And person searching the name Atlantis- just don't! please...

Speaking of 30 Rock, I am still laughing about this scene from last week. If you are not yet a religious fan of this show it is time for you to get off your high horse. Watch and love!


  1. How common is it to believe that we share the exact same soul? Probably as common as "a blood".

  2. I don't sleep on planes, I don't want to get incepted.