Thursday, January 20, 2011

unbirthday cakes.

I have been making a buttload of CAKES/COOKIES/CUPCAKES/FROSTING lately for my class. Once a week we have a baking and icing making assignment and we bring them and decorate them and practice the techniques we are learning.
It is not easy:

1. baking that much when I have school, work and a cute husband distracting me.
2. decorating said baked goods! I need lots of practice before I will be one of those pros.

But I will say that it is so fun! I really really love that I am taking this class and that I will have the tools and somewhat know-how the next time I need to make a cake! Speaking of which I have decided to hijack my brother-in-law Matt's birthday (feb 2) as my first official cake project after my class is over. He likes peanut butter so I am looking for a recipe for peanut butter cake. I have never heard of it or tried it but I did find out recently that it exists and I think that he/everyone else will love it if I can just find a trusted recipe. Anyone know of one? Please share if you do. And also, if you are interested in helping us eat some cake next week please let me know. I don't like being wasteful and so far we have ended up throwing a lot of it away. (My philosophy is never to eat more than you need/want just because it is sitting there. But it is still sad to throw most of a whole cake away, you know?) Anyway. I love cake, and decorating, and I need to be on the freeway in 5 minutes. Peace out girl scouts!


  1. Sarah this looks so so fun! I have seen posters around for a cake decorating class but never known anyone who has taken them! You are going to be such a pro and its such a good skill to have for the rest of your life!