Sunday, January 9, 2011

some little improvements.

A new year, a new wall color! We chose midnight stroll, and so far we are happy with it.
We have spent a lot of the last week and a half doing projects around the house and we are still not even close to done. I guess it's one of those things that you never really feel done with. I personally don't ever feel organized enough.

So like everyone else I have been evaluating my progress from 2010's new years resolutions and honestly part of the problem for me is that I don't remember the resolutions I made! I remember at least one of them, and that was to drink more water. I did do well at that, but I could still work on it and do better so I am rolling that one over to this year again.

Some of my new ones are:
100% Visiting Teaching and Temple attendance monthly.
to save a $1000 emergency fund and then enough to live off of for six months. Talk about financial peace! That second part will probably take longer than a year but I can try at least.
to go to Hawaii in May (does that count as a resolution?)
To learn three new skills. First up? The cake decorating classes that Jacob got me for Christmas! Second? I guess I should re-learn the glockenspiel since that was another gift from my honey. I played it in Kindermusik. What should the third one be? Suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. yay! i love the new wall color & all the resolutions. we havent even made our resolutions yet... we are still "thinking" about them... haha

  2. Very cute sarah! Good luck with your resolutions, they sound great!