Saturday, December 18, 2010

ugly sweater parties of yore.

I'm feeling nostalgic today about a sweater party that Jess, Abby & their roommates had a few years ago. Syb, Cass, Lou & I couldn't find sweaters so we decided to make them. It is one of the funnest nights that I remember! Crafts and parties both in one night? I mean come on.




All 5 of us won 1st place! If you look closely you can see that Marcus' sweater has lights in it.


Things got a little out of hand.


Anyway, this year we are hosting a sweater party! Hooray! I am not going to try to compete with that one, It was just too much fun. I will definately be documenting it though. Happity Holidays!


  1. That was one of the best nights! Sorry we couldn't be there..hopefully you got my message that my dad's been in the hospital. Hope it was fun!