Sunday, December 19, 2010

driving slow on sunday morning.

So happy today because:

1. it is Sunday (the best day of the week)

2. it is basically the beginning of Christmas today! we are celebrating it at my dad's tonight - a delicious turkey from Siegfried (jenny's German friend who is a phenomenal caterer) and some holiday cheer are in store!

3. my husband is fast asleep in the other room dreaming of sugarplums. (maybe) and it makes me happy because lately he has not had many chances to do so. he deserves it. he's just so good, you know?

4. i could not be more excited for everyone that i bought gifts for to just open them. i feel like this year i have really done well at the gift buying and i just want to blurt out what they are but i can't! that would ruin it. so i'm counting down until they do. especially husband.

5. family is gathering. i love when jacob's sis and her family come into town, it is a treat and always makes things just a little bit more fun!

6. my mom is home and doing great. she had an accident last week which i won't get into-long story but we are all glad to see her home and recovering.

7. no more anatomy and physiology forever! the class itself was fine, i really learned a lot. the knowledge will be useful so i'm glad i took it. but the tests.... oh how glad i am that i never have to take another one of those tests again.

i could think of more. it is easy to keep going once you start counting your blessings, but i think i will stop now and go whip up some sort of breakfast.

picture from a christmas party last year, dancing with santa.


  1. ah i love this!! i love you!! it was SO good to see you Saturday :). after christmas you should post pictures of all your good gift finds!! yay!