Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spray paint and festivals!

picture by michelle at forkfest '10
fall break was a huge success, thank the high heavens that my kitchen table is now brown instead of red! something i have been dreaming of doing for a very long while... it isn't quite put back together yet so pictures will come later. fork fest though, was huge! it was so amazing. there was a way bigger turn out than any of us expected and every artist was absolutely incredible. i am literally speechless sometimes when i listen to the things that people can create. such beautiful sounds. i wish i could pick up an instrument and use my voice to touch people that way. alas, i will just admire. it is something rare in this day and age when artists are better live than they are on an album. better! what? you mean... without the help of computer software to keep their voices on key and their instruments don't have to be plugged into a computer and altered? YES. that is what i mean friends. so, in other news, i am happy with life and i have other exciting/bittersweet news that i am not going to reveal quite yet. oh i know i am such a tease.
dunder mifflin this is pam.


  1. love you oh so much! Call me when we can come over! Love you!!

  2. If it's a baby I'm going to die right here in the wilderness and you'll have to take care of Margot. Sorry, it's in the will.

  3. You guys are such a cute couple! We REALLY need to hangout!

  4. cass- yes and lub you too, adge- i promise its not a bun in my oven and when i do have one cookin' i'll call you personally (give me 5years?) and katie- i know! i seriously want to asap. as soon as i get my house cleaned up from the tornado that hit it (me) we'll have you guys over!

  5. yay i totally agree about music being way better live, but i disagree thatyou cant touch people that way! you have a beautiful voice Sar!! I can't wait to hear the other news! PS. LOVE that picture of you two it is so good!