Tuesday, October 12, 2010

little notes.

Dear deep fried Oreos @ the fair,
I want you again. Should I try to make you? I bet I could do it with batter blaster.

Dear philosophy paper,
I do not want to write you. I'm sorry you will probably be total b.s.

Dear husband,
Thank you for agreeing to eat cup a noodles this week so we could get Thriller tickets.

Dear Thriller,
I can't wait to see you!


  1. haha I love the man standing so awkwardly in the back of your photo! Thriller?? When??

  2. We're going on the 21st! You guys should get tix! YAY and yeah that guy was pretty sly... we took another one and he did it again. I kind of like it so its ok.

  3. Do you remember me? I miss you oodles! Love you!

  4. of course i do! i still want to do crafts witchoo!!!

  5. i wanna do crafts wichoo two too!!! hooray. loved this post sar. esp. the cup of noods. haha. so classic

  6. and you forgot... katie beth, i can't wait to see you at christmas! :) but really... we all need to get together when i'm home over the holidays. xxx