Monday, September 27, 2010

true love.

Super fun news guys, The Dallas News did a story on Edna & Larry, my step-grandparents! They have been married 47 years and are so cute. I have only been able to visit them once, when I was in middle school, but Grandad comes every few years. They have always accepted me and Cameron into their family, sent me cards and gifts for every occasion they are just the sweetest. Here is an excerpt from the article:
"To have money for his blind date with Edna, Larry sold his radio for $3. It doesn't sound like much now, but in May 1962, "you could get a hamburger for a quarter," Larry says. "Gas was 20 cents a gallon."
They took in a movie, The Horizontal Lieutenant (starring Paula Prentiss and Jim Hutton), then had a Coke at a drive-in restaurant.
Larry was smitten.
"I knew the odds were long – she was dating a doctor," he says, and she did not return his kiss on their first date. He steeled himself and called her again anyway."
here is the link if you want to see the whole article.
On top of that, Granny is an incredible garage sale scavenger and she made $19,000 last year with her ebay business selling the things she has found garage saling! Tell me that is not awesome?


  1. Love this post. Thanks for sharing. They are darling! :)