Sunday, September 19, 2010

having our cake, and eating it too.

Today is our first anniversary. We can't really believe that it has been a year, time really flies. We will be enjoying the top layer of our cake tonight and we hope it won't be dry. Last year we only had one bite so this time we will actually enjoy a full slice! We love each other. Marriage is the bombtrack and this past year has been so full and amazing there really aren't words. All we can really say is- life is a party. It being sunday, we are just doing our regular sunday routine but I am making a special dinner. Jacob sneakily surprised me Friday night with a special anniversary date and it was so fun. I keep thinking in my head that I don't want another year to go by- I wish I could just freeze time because I love everything just how it is! Can't do that though, so I will have to be confident that being with him will make me feel like this forever. Here's to many more years like this one!


  1. hooray!!! i love love! you guys are the perfect couple. so happy your happy. dont worry years 2, and 3 are bombtrack as well :D

  2. Happy One Year! Exciting! I love that we are exactly 3 months behind you guys!

  3. i love how in love you two are it makes me so happy!!!!!