Friday, July 30, 2010

quick summer photo log

we have been having so much fun this summer and i haven't blogged about any of it. well, i guess that's WHY i haven't blogged about it. too busy having fun. so here is a small catch up.IMG_0615
we have been able to go out on my mother's boat the pink ranger a few times and it is so fun! we are currently looking forward to a trip to BEAR LAKE in august. i can not wait! it is the most beautiful of places and the shakes are indescribable.

gatherings with friends have been priority and we have been able to attend a lot of barbecues including this one, where all the boys decided to drink their yoohoo on the curb. and it was a photo op no one could pass up. michelle was allowed in because she is chocolate.

saturday mornings we get up early and scour the garage sales! we have found so much awesome stuff i'll have to do a separate post for all of it but this is one of my most prized findings. the crate and all the bottles were $4. if you know antique stores at all, they are worth way more than that. i am still deciding what to do with them!

court and i got all dressed up and went to be in the vs music video, which was way fun cause 1. i hadn't seen her in such a long time it was depressing and 2. we got to get ready together like we used to back in hike school. it was so fun to have a reason to get all dressed up again.
and last but probably most of all my obsession with food is growing daily. i am trying new recipes all the time and we love love love to go to new restaurants. just yesterday we tried THE JERK SHACK in orem. I had wanted to go there forever and we finally did it on a whim. It was so good! It turns out, if you can't tell from my enthusiastic thumbs up, Jamaican food is delicious. We totally recommend it to all.

So that's a nutshell! We are looking forward to Jacob's sister and two cute nephews coming in town this week and before that, on sunday we are hosting Jacob and his friend Jeff Stone's "Force our wives to like Star Wars BBQ" so we'll see how that goes. I don't really think Shasta or myself are really going to ever like Star Wars but we'll play along because we like our husbands and getting together for any reason is better than not.


  1. sarah! starwars is the greatest! bryce wants to name our children luke & leah. i will almost let him. i love you. blog more often!