Sunday, May 23, 2010

i can't believe this was 8 almost 1/2 months ago!

time flies when you are unrealistically happy. i got a CD from kate on friday of some of the wedding pictures that i still wanted but did not get earlier! kate osborne was our 2nd photographer to courtney brooke. i haven't even started my wedding album yet, eee, i really need to. so i will post a few here just cause i feel like it.
i really have the best looking friends in the world.

it was the most beautiful day i could have asked for.


  1. She's so great! I love these pictures. And let me tell you exactly what happened right before that friend picture... because we're really normal people, Abby and I were both resting our hands on her baby bump, hence the slouchy Adrienne and the stupid "we're so funny" grins on both our faces. Amazing.