Wednesday, March 24, 2010

she and him volume 2

the new and much anticipated (by me!) second album is out! i love love love this collaboration. zooey and m. ward are so talented. if only i were so indie... haha. ummm so i am so excited about that i decided to actually blog! i didn't realize how little i have posted lately. oops. we are just super busy with school it's pretty ridiculous how much homework we are always doing (especially jacob) but thank heavens we only have a month left til summer begins! we have a nephew on the way (woop!) and lots of tentative vacation ideas but nothing actually planned. oh and jacob is debuting his new 'gretsch new classic' drum set on thursday at velour! (it's gold and sparkly!) it's going to be an amazing show and you all should come if you can. starts around 8:00ish. peace out girl scout.