Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy birthday to the most perfect of all boys.

Today is the anniversary of Jacob Aaron Skaggs' birth! YES! Of course this is a huge reason to celebrate. I love birthdays. They are pretty much my favorite thing. Jacob really doesn't think that birthdays are as exciting as I do (especially his own... so modest) so I am going to keep it low-key like he wants even though I did try to convince him on more than a few occasions to let me throw a big party with all of our friends. (I did however convince him to let me invite his five local family members over tomorrow-- I'll take what I can get.)

Some highlights of why he really is the best:

He is tall and handsome and makes everything from bolo ties to old grandma-ish t-shirts with the alphabet on them look good.
He is a good sport about everything. He can just go with the flow. Nothing I ever suggest doing is "not his thing" or "too girly" or "I don't know them" or anything... he is up for whatever and makes it fun regardless.
He writes me notes that begin with "honey lump" or "beautiful nugget of joy" which are sweet and also hilarious. (to me.)
He busts out the beastie boys lyrics like whoa. (Really this is when I knew he was for me!)
His material goal in life is to have enough money to wear Adidas Original Firebird Tracksuits all day every day.

Anyway I am truly grateful for his birth and for who he is! I am truly blessed to have him in my life and so is everyone that knows him. Happy birthday baby!


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