Thursday, February 11, 2010

today is the weirdest.

Yes, I am blogging from school. This never happens because I usually don't have time for such nonsense but today I do. I have a Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships class this semester. I was so excited to take this class because it sounded really interesting and my counselor highly recommended it. Hello? Who doesn't want to know how to more effectively communicate with other people so that life is more harmonious?! But this class has been a roller coaster. I will not use my teacher's name. All I can really say is that he was the sweetest man and you could tell that he was so passionate about what he was trying to teach, but he was just not meant to teach... our entire class (which is small, only about 20 of us) has become friends and before class every day we would pretty much ask each other if anyone understood what was happening and what he was lecturing about... and honestly none of us had a clue. We didn't know what was expected of us, and we did the assignments just by guessing and it was just so confusing. This class quickly turned from my most exciting to most dreaded. We took a test on tuesday and today we were all wondering if we would be getting scores today and if we failed or what. Me and one friend walked up to the door and our teacher was right behind us, he opened the door from us and we were all filing in. Then he walked back out the door without having said anything. Class hadn't started yet so none of us really noticed. The next thing we knew there was a man sitting down in front of our class and he said "I'm very sorry to tell you this but your teacher is no longer working here and you will have a new teacher on tuesday. We don't know who it will be yet but we promise they will be good." Everyone started laughing and telling him to stop pulling our legs, but he insisted that he was serious. He said that the assignments we were working on due later in the semester are canceled and our tests and presentations that we already did we will receive full credit on. He told us that he couldn't tell us why our teach got fired but he hoped that we could go on with the rest of the semester and learn something from our new teacher. We all sat there kind of in shock for a while. A few people asked questions but he couldn't really answer them for privacy reasons. So today is weird and I have extra time and I am kind of discombobulated right now, for lack of a better word. It is bittersweet, because he is such a nice guy and it is sad that it happened that way, especially in the middle of a semester. On the other hand, it is exciting because we will hopefully actually get some useful knowledge from this class that we are paying lots of money for and investing a lot of time into. I am still trying to process it all though... what a craysssy day.


  1. This story like really made me sad! :( I hope that poor man is okay. And I also hope that you are getting your moneys worth! :) Miss you lots! XOXOO

  2. Miss you!!! I know it is sad but happy too.