Friday, February 19, 2010

favorite moments of 2009.

I know I am late on this- but considering that 2009 was the best year of my life so far, I had to still do this. Here are some of my favorite memories!


I started off my year with these girls (plus a few) doing a lot of these things: starting dance parties whenever and wherever we could, eating lots of muddy buddies, and watching prime time teen dramas.
We found ourselves in Hawaii mid-january for a relaxing break from the first week of school.


We (the girls) all went to this show in January to see our friend McKay's band at Velour. This is where I met HIM--->Jacob Aaron Skaggs!

We had a date on February 14th and then pretty much every day after that until forever.

This is our first picture together, documenting the rice krispy treat cereal he found for me. Mmm!

Jakey's birthday- I was super nervous about making it fun!

We got spring fever and did fun activities whenever we could, like rollerblading and skateboarding, attending concerts, and color festivals.


My birthday, it was a perfect day!

We began a tradition, Fort Friday. Self-explanatory.


Our bf's Syb and Mike tied the knot to kick off the summer season of one wedding per month.

We also took lots of fun road trips like this one to the polygamist colony of Big Water, Utah. No, i'm not kidding.


Got engaged on the fourth of July!

Kell and Chris' (other bf's) wedding happened!

Twilight concert series' with friends..

Said bye to Jilly (I for some reason did not take a picture with her but this one is cute of her and Mack right?!)

Cass and Trev (other bf's) married too and we got to wear cute yellow skirts!

Married in the temple for eternity!!! Best day of my life fo'real.

Our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas was heaven and I hope we can go back very soon.

Halloween and Chelsea's birthday party was a blast.

Said goodbye to Cameron... these goodbye's were not my favorite moments but they were significant so that's why I think they belong here.
It began to get freezing so we bundled up for an outdoor VS show at Revolution snowboards and Jo and I went inside to the photobooth! super fun. (Music employs most of our weekends which is the best because we love music and love to be around it as much as is possible!)

Baby Taylor born!!! She is so cute! Ah!


(i am now officially a gushing obsessed aunt...!)


  1. I love this post Sar! You really did have a wonderful year, and many more to come. ps you guys are so photogenic!! also i was thinking that we should have like a mandatory once a month lunch date when i get home. i miss you.

  2. yes please!!!! i miss you too. i wish i could come to ny right now and party with you.

  3. Umm why did I just barely see this post?? I LOVED IT! I really miss you like more than you will ever know. I want my BF back. You and me.. dinner ASAP!!! I LOVE YOU!

  4. i like your year in review-- its cute. nice november pic too. man, it was so cold that night!