Thursday, January 7, 2010


this week has been fantastic.
i made curtains for my kitchen. yellow floral. yes, i might really be a grandma in a 21 year old's body.
i went back to school today and oh how i loved it!!!
jake went back too but he doesn't love it so much. good thing he will be done in a year.
he is also recording with cory and the slg and chad this week which has been very fun for him.
we still get to share a car. we really like it because we get to see each other more this way. i think we should never fix the jeep! okay... we still should.
we also found some time last week to fix up our bathroom a little! wanna see?? okay.. fine. since you begged. the pictures are really bad, so forgive me. also i am not going to post very many because they are so ghastly, you can get the gist. our house is so old that its funny and the hardware in the bathroom was painted this lovely (ha!) forest green. it had been neglected so long and not painted well in the first place so this shelf is what it all looked like. i painted it white. (my temporary fix for those shelves was bamboo placemats!) we also hung up a cute hook shelf thingy that we got as a wedding gift. i love it. if we owned this home oh the things we would do... it was so fun i love fixing things up we can not wait to be house flippers!

before after

tell me something good? xoxo gg