Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's christmas. it's christmas time.

We got a tree!!! Pictures later. We haven't finished decorating it. How fun though, we got a real one so our house smells like delicious pine. We are stringing popcorn today and going to make home-made ornaments tomorrow! Also today I donated plasma and once again was told that I have good veins. I always get compliments on my veins. I know, everyone is jealous. I should really stop bragging. I am also going to embark on another one of my cooking adventures today. Mexican shredded chicken! I'm sorry that I only cook/eat mexican food. I just like it better than anything else. I really think I somewhere far back have some hispanic ancestors.. or something. There is no explanation as to why I have always been so drawn to the culture but I always have and always will be. We spent thanksgiving with my mom/her side and will be spending christmas eve with my dad/his side and christmas day with Jacobs side of the family. It is going to be fun and best of all a new little baby girl (my 1st neice) will be there with us! This is our first holiday season together. We are grateful for a lot of things but on the top of the list is the amount of time we get to spend together. It is the best and we know that not everyone has that opportunity and that we won't always either so we cherish it! I don't know if I can even name any more because if I keep going this will never end. I have not been good at taking pictures lately but I do have one for you. This is our only picture of our first thanksgiving. Taken by my mom (thanks mom!) of us napping after the feast.

Should this be our christmas card? Happy holidays from the Skaggs' and our adopted child julia! xoxo


  1. Sarah- I share your love of mexican food. Matt gets sick of me suggesting tacos for dinner every night haha. I think that picture should definetely be your christmas card picture by the way. It's a classic! LoVes!