Saturday, November 7, 2009

daisy, our vintage beauty

finally we have our wedding photos! blogging has not been so easy lately though, i do not work on the computer 8 hours a day anymore, and my home computer is not fit for such intricacies! (mostly because i can't store the pictures on it, the old bag) but here is a little peek. i really wanted a vintage car for the wedding day so i searched high and low and couldn't find anything in utah. all of the car services only carried new nice cars,limousines and imports, etc. i had almost given up when out of the clear blue this client of my mom's, Sam, called her office and told her that he bought a 1937 buick. since she knew that i was looking for a vintage car she asked him what he was going to use it for- low and behold- a car service! for weddings! (and such.) i could not have been more excited when i spoke to him on the phone! his service is called something vintage something blue and he works around the salt lake area. this beautiful car's name is daisy. we had so much fun riding around in her back seat, sam drove us home from the temple and the best part was people honking at us because they knew we were just married. we also caused a car accident! right next to us, this lady and her kids were pulling up to the light that we were stopped at and just staring at the vintage beauty, and they rear-ended the truck in front of them! they were all laughing so hard and so were we. i don't think the owner of the truck was laughing though.


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