Sunday, November 15, 2009

there aint no rust on the happiness bus.

So, this week has been a doozy! As in GREAT.... if anyone is wondering what we are up to these days it's pretty much this:

  • working part time, trying to work extra hours to make a full time amounts of money

  • going to awesome concerts all the time-more about this coming.

  • going to see movies at the dollar theater using only spare change.

jacob is in school and playing the music. we are going to get him some business cards made and pass them around to see if we can't get him some more studio work because he is awesome at it and making money that way is his favorite. (yes i like to brag about things my husband is good at! it's allowed...right?)

Okay so this weekend pretty much started on Wednesday when I got paid not to work thanks to all of the Veterans in the country (no I do not take this holiday lightly I really am grateful to them for their service to the USA as well!) and so we partied all day on wednesday, saw the movie I posted about below which must not be named... and then we went to Velour to watch PAUL JACOBSON who was incredible. Definately one of those local artists that is WAY too good to be local. You know what i mean? We need more music like his/theirs in the world.

Thursday night was the huge sold out Vibrant Sound, Can't Stop Won't Stop, and Love You Long Time show... The first two acts were of course amazing and the third... welll, they are just silly. There were thirteen year olds wearing neon colors in abundance. Courtney and Trista joined me for this show and it was lovely I hope they come to more because it was fun!

Friday Jacob was supposed to pull off playing two shows at two different places but the peeps at the snowboard premiere that the VS were going to play turned out to be totally disorganized and I could use some other choice words to describe them but I won't for the sake of not acting like an impulsive teenager. So we were glad that that show didn't end up happening because you don't treat people the way they treated the boys. But the Cory Mon show at Velour was rad and super fun so the night was not ruined!

If I was a good blogger I would have pictures from these events to put here to add interest but... I don't. Oh well!

So this brings me to last night. MASON JENNINGS. One of my absolute favorite artists came to town! And we got to go for free! (*well, it was free but the $35 parking ticket kinda undid that...still worth it) so he was absolutely amazing. Every bit of his set was gripping... I love his songwriting, his lyrics, how simple everything is. He isn't caught up in the indie "I should make my songs as weird as possible so that people think i'm different" he just writes them the way songs should be written. Complex messages in simple language- Bob Dylan style! Love him love him love him. It was such a great show.

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have a listen if you are so inclined.

So I am just a happy camper and pretty sure the luckiest girl in the world. It is amazing how well Jacob and I fit together. We are a perfect match....this is the life that I have dreamed of for a long time!


  1. So fun sarah! I am glad you two lovebirds are doing good. Love and Miss ya!