Tuesday, November 3, 2009

speaking of housewifey things...

adventures in baking birthday cakes!

below is exhibit A, not my first time making a cake but my firs time trying to make a layer cake, and make it pretty. i was covered in powdered sugar and so was syb and every inch of our kitchen. i'll spare you the visuals. happy birthday cassidy 2007!

this one took a turn for the worst when i didn't have time to let the cake cool before i frosted it! eek is the only word to describe. happy birthday syb 2007!
after the above cake, my baking pride was on a downward spiral. so as you can see in xhibit c i decided to keep it simple. but i loved the animals marching around the cake. happy birthday patti 2008!

next! this is my most recent endeavor, the inside is another story. watch it i am still getting used to my "vintage" (ancient) oven. happy birthday chelsea last week 2009!

over the last 2 years- i think that i have made much improvement. baking is no easy task. i hope that someday i can be an accomplished birthday cake maker with the inside being delicious and just the right amount of moist while the outside can be as pretty as a pro would do them.


  1. I love the birthday cake adventures! That first one was quite the experience if I do say so myself. I think mother Elaine went to the store several times to make that cake happen! I like the polka dots on Chelseas! The best part of these cakes is that they're made out of love!

  2. thats for sure! love and mess! seriously that was the funniest day ever. next time i bake a cake i would like you to come help me just for fun/old times sake!!!

  3. brilliantly done!!! you inspire me.