Monday, November 2, 2009

confessions: i am not a good housewife. yet.

-our house plant is dying slowly. we have had it for two weeks. everything i try kills it more!

-every meal i make is breakfast food or contains minute rice.

-i somehow lost an entire set of pots and pans?

-important documents don't have a place in my home. they are tucked in all sorts of drawers never to be found when we need them!

-if a piece of clothing is not put away it usually just goes in the dirty hamper, dirty or not.

-the wreath is TAPED to the door (there is no other way

-i have made biscuits from a can.

-i do not vacuum where the cord doesn't reach. not my fault!
-i accidentally quadruple the cookie dough recipe = overload and burnout on pumpkin cookies

i'm sorry. i will use this as a list of things to get better at!


  1. hahah! why dont you get one of those hook-ie things for the door to hang the wreath? bread bowls STAT!


  2. oh because our doors are too thick for those! and don't worry i went and returned it and got a magnet one-oh nope door too thick for magnet to stay up! blasted old house.

  3. haha. i LOVE this post sar. haha you are the best housewife ever because you admit your faults!! which aren't faults really they are just sarah.

  4. puh lease! at least you cook at all! and vacuum!!! you are amazing girl. I have been married for two years and i never cook hahaha. i love you!

  5. Sounds like your house is as adventurous as mine! haha. My dinners are always a mystery on how they will turn out and minute rice is the best! haha