Monday, November 23, 2009


attendance at our new ward IS birth control. (loud babies EVERYWHERE. i don't care if they are cute.)

marriage is the bombtrack. those who say "the first year is the hardest" should not have gotten married... or something. i shouldn't say that. but really it is bliss.

i don't like thanksgiving food, but i love thanksgiving anyway. this year, all i want to do over thanksgiving is eat at Garcia's fresh mexican, please.

i am temporarily on strike from looking at my favorite daily blogs. no, not yours friends! you know- wedding, decor, fashion, and otherwise. all they do is make me jealous and want things that i really don't need. they are making me more worldly! (and what girl needs that?) i hate it. and so, i cease.

i have enough stuff in my closet at my mom's house that i could have my own garage sale. maybe i should.

i want to interact with friends face-to-face more and screen-to-screen less. i am sick of screens. (ha, as i blog)

i miss cameron. i miss jill and gavin together. (i am happy that when she is home, he will be too.)

i trotted to school today and as always at uvu ran into some alta friends. its nice to always see friendly faces there even if it does feel like hike school.

anyone have any delicious recipes they want to share? cooking is becoming a great joy. i am always planning my next endeavor.


  1. ummmm.... can i just ditto that entire blog post? because after every sentence i kept thinking "that is so true!" or "me too!" haha.

  2. yes i hate this screen to screen action going on. i want to see your pretty face. love you.