Wednesday, October 21, 2009

shelves and happiness.

I am obsessssed. 
via decorology.

Now that I have my own home to "make" I just want to do it all. It is a work in progress, but finally starting to feel like a home and not just a mess of mismatched things. (okay, most things are still mismatched but maybe that's how I like it.) I have some cutie shelves in my family room and I have so many fun ideas for them. Who else loves these pictures? It's fun to find ways to use things that I have had forever in new ways. I am very thankful right now for my impulse to collect home decor in the recent years even though I had nowhere to put any of it until now. It is coming in so handy!! I might even be ready to invite people over soon....


  1. hooray!!! I want my name in the hat! so cute!!

  2. Looove these shelves! I want some! Check out my blog for a few links to some pretty home interior decorating blogs :)