Thursday, October 22, 2009

...and he was an idiot

I love to hear Jacob talk about all of his pets growing up. Velcro is his cat who is 18, almost 19 years old. He loves velcro-LOVES HIM- and is sure that he is the best cat the world has ever known. Anyway... all of the other pets their family has had he describes them as idiots, or worse. It's honestly hilarious. Mostly because of the names they gave their pets. "Oh and we had snickers for a while but he was such an idiot, he's the one that chewed up the rummikub pieces. Zipper was just ike every other cat and I just never really liked him and then there was Ruffles who was juuust terrible..."


  1. He never met Puddy. SHE was the greatest cat that has ever lived. I mean, who else could literally rip someone to shreds and then have that person still beg to be friends? Ask Mr. Kitty. I think he'd agree with me on this.