Monday, August 3, 2009

highlights, twilights and whoozy-whaties.

provo river on the 4th of july!

aaamazing 047
twilight concert series
in this photo: front to back, pablo's friend, pablo's hand (live long & prosper), me, jacob, heather & ed.
my favorite twilight concerts so far have been jenny lewis & m. ward, they are both so amazing. kudos to salt lake city arts council for being straight up rad for bringing us these free concerts! we really are the luckiest.

wedding planning is coming along pretty well so that is good but there is still so much to do. people tell you it's a lot of work but you don't truly understand until you are doing it! we had our engagements taken by courtney last week and now we are trying to choose one for the announcement. she is the bomb ya'll! if you ever need any photos hire her, you will not be sorry.

i can't believe how much is going on- on top of dealing with all of my appointments and work and whatnot this week i am trying to spend time with friends. tonight is mckall's birthday (SHOUT OUT- I LOVE YOU MACK!) jill is about to leave for the mtc, kellie is getting married wednesday, cassidy's bridal shower is coming up and jessie boo radley is about to graduate from college. and so is abby i think too? that deserves a giant kudos. and courtney is going to move away, and syb is going to come home, and adrienne lives way close to me but her time is taken up by a significant other, and jessica is a busybee (lets go to lunch!!!!) and i just want to know-is this really all happening at once? i just want to make sure i take the time to appreciate all of my lovely friends and remember that the world does not only revolve around jacob and i and our wedding. if i didn't mention you it does not mean i don't love you.

big gulps huh?


  1. It's funny that I saw you at the bon iver concert, and that I went rafting on the 4th too!! so fun!

  2. I fell asleep half way through this post.... try again?

  3. hahah Cameron you're a jerk!

    I am glad we spent time together yesterday. thank you for making that cloud for me. I love you

  4. karli we are two peas in a pod
    cam! poo face
    i love you too cass