Monday, August 3, 2009

goodness gracious sakes alive.

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SUCH a cute wedding. i had to post it. definately in my top five, if i had one. i keep getting super excited about some of these weddings i see (ahem, william and penelope for nashville magazine) and then i figure out that it is simply a wedding shoot. for those of you who don't know, sometimes the raddest vendors get together and make their perfect wedding just to take pictures of, and it is no one's actual wedding. this is silly! i mean, i am not complaining, because like i said they are always perfect and beautiful and everything i want in a wedding, but why don't you just let it be my wedding? that would be much less of a waste i think. soon i will post another great one i saw- laundry themed! who would've thought?


  1. Oh what a wondrous set of photos.

    Oh my. I need to have those letters. Perfect.