Thursday, July 23, 2009

vases and whatnot, and happiness.

So! I have been away from the blogging for a little while. Unintentional. But it was fun going around catching up on what I've missed on everyone elses lovely blogs. This particular picture made me very excited, it is exactly the look I am trying to create for our wedding celebration! So pretty, right? I love the colors. Below that is my very crude phone picture of some of the stuff I've gathered so far for the tables from thrift stores. I am well on my way to a nice collection I think.... I guess we will see how it all turns out! In 1 month and 27 days!!!!! ahhhh I can't wait.



  1. I love the white and the blue together....along with the cupcake stands and flowers. I can't wait to see how your tables turn out. The stuff that you have gathered so far looks like it is going to be so lovely. Hope you are having a good week...and so glad that you are back to blogging.