Thursday, July 9, 2009

ruby red slippers macaroni and cheese.

Thank you LFO, for your lyrics. They are so un-intelligent that they bring me joy. June was cancelled this year, as you know if you were in Utah, but finally I feel like summer is here! We went rafting on the Provo river on the 4th. It was so much fun, and it was a perfect day. I even got sunburned, which was satisfying! In a painful sort of way... now all I want to do is be at bear lake or powell! That sounds so refreshing. Can I get an amen? Anyway...since I can't make that right now there is something else I have been longing to do and I am going to make it happen, soon! A home-made waterslide. Things needed to execute this ambition: Dish soap, hose, hill, large sheet of plastic & your a-game. Who wants to join me in this endeavor?

Side note- Mom... why haven't we been boating yet this year??? Let's go! Love, Sarah.


  1. YESSS! Slip n slip ASAP!

    Also wanna bring yuor fiance and i'll bring my fiance and we will go to the rodeo tomorrow? lemme know!

  2. Sarah- Cassidy stumbled upon my blg and therefore I stumbled upon yours! Good times! Im happy for all of you engagers :)

  3. Consider yourself linked Jacob and Sarah Jane united!