Friday, July 3, 2009

cameron scott ryther.

happy birthday to my little brother! he is the ripe age of 19. for the anniversary of his birth i would like to spotlight him.
cam sar
me and brother ^
cam sam
brother and sammie noel ^
cam scout pic
brother flipping off camera ^
cam counter
brother doing mtv cribs ^

he has blue eyes and is 6 foot 1
he is an eagle scout
his favorite band in the world is third eye blind
he is going to be an lds missionary in the philippines on october 14 of this year
he wears cool clothes
he is slightly pidgeon-toed
he has a very big heart
he barbecues like it's no one's business
he is a high school graduate
if he likes something he says it is anti-depressant
he loves baseball-his team is the red sox
he loves basketball-his team is the celtics
he is good at saving his money
he does me favors all the time
he likes going to the movies and bowling
he drinks coke from a glass bottle
he pulled a super cute girlfriend
he learns from his experiences
he loves fireworks
he has a crooked smile that ha been named "wexler"
he likes hot rod as much as i do
he has a perfect complexion
he likes to flip off cameras (which will someday embarass him)
when we were little he would bite the couch anytime someone came to the door
he has lots of shoes
his first cd was eiffel 65 - or was it chumbawumba?
he says funny things at funny times
he has a blog but he hasn't posted in a while
he plays video games in secret
he has a nearly perfect driving record
he nicknamed himself cookie beard
he is the bomb

may you live twice as long as michael jackson, and be half as creepy.
i love you brother! hope your day is lovely


  1. Thanks sister i love you!! You're so great!! You know me well!

  2. haha sar you nailed this one, way to go. me and cass lol'd at the biting the couch comment. hahah i love you rythers/soon to be skaggs you are so great. ps congrats on the recent engagement!! yay! love you!