Monday, June 22, 2009

wedding wear and happiness.

I am having a really hard time choosing some colors! I am being difficult, if you will. I just want it to be colorful and I have ideas in my head but there are so many I want to include in the decor. plum & light jade are for sure, maybe some cranberry, or turquoise, or chartreuse? and I would love to tie gold in somehow. Finally J and I did come to one SET decision about wedding party attire. Charcoal for the men, and light gray for the ladies. This is because I didn't want to have black, it just isn't going to fit with what I have in mind for the overall feel. Brown seemed good in some ways but a little hard in others and J does not like khaki! So we couldn't risk anyone showing up in it!(kidding, we just won't be wearing it.) So we decided charcoal. I am happy with this decision. Look at all of these fab examples of wedding parties in dark and light shades of gray.

top two photos from snippet & ink and bottom from flickr

And here is an inspiration board I just made (#2!) that kind of shows you a visual of what colors I am thinking about using. Feedback please! ...what do you think?

photos found via snippet & ink inspiration boards, green wedding shoes, and etsy.


  1. Sarah. Two words...LOVE GRAY!!!!! Seriously I love everything you just said and all the pictures. Use all those colors! There's nothing wrong with being colorful