Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wedding planning and happiness.

First thought: this is going to be so much fun!
next thought: okay actually this is a lot to take care of
and then: freak out & weeping begins... feeling like you will never get it all done in the time you have alotted or within the budget.

Here is the thing. You do NOT need to spend a fortune on your wedding... even though the world tells you that you do. And I don't want to anyway! It is a party. It lasts one day, and after all marrying my sweetheart will be the best day of my life regardless of how much I spend or how the weather is. That being said, of course I want my wedding to be beautiful, and reflect me, and be fun for everyone that I love to be at instead of just something they have to be at. It is a celebration! So that is why I want it to be diy, and kind of like a garden party theme. I have always loved things like that.

First thing I did was look at wedding blogs and magazines, and then I started realizing exactly how much work this would be-even though I do have less to worry about than most brides, it's still a lot. I realized I needed to get a list going and take things one step at a time. It is too easy to get overwhelmed, so organization is essential. Most of the check lists you find online are very helpful, but they are for an engagement of a year or longer. Not as helpful timeline-wise if you only have a few months. But they still help, they just need a little adaptation! There are some good ones on real simple and the knot. I made my own using theirs as templates and adding my own personal needs and subtracting the things that I would not need.


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