Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i don't need no dreams when i'm by your side.

party! bonus! i love my life... i would like to share about the fun things that i have had the opportunity to do lately. antique shopping and thrifting! how do i love it. so so much. fort friday makes every friday the most fun! we walked to the byu creamery the other day and MMMM freak yeah i love the earnestly chocolate flavor. it is the most delish of all ice creams! for some reason every picture of myself is totally wack but jacob makes the creamery look so bueno correcto?our adventure to big water, utah was very fun, and interesting! we went with cory mon & the starlight gospel for them to play a music festival with the fabulous sean hayes! umm but really. here is what we didn't know before we got to big water. it is a polygamist colony! in the middle of nowhere a few miles away from powell. population 417. ahahaha but the guy who founded it is not really affiliated with any religion like the flds or anything, because he was kicked out of it. he was not practicing the religion and his wives were all different faiths, basically he just wanted to have a bunch of wives soo... anyway the people were so kind and they loved the music and it was fun meeting them. but it was unlike any other community! hahawe camped in the back of jacob's car and the other boys slept out under the stars, which were beautiful out there by the way.
and we even all got in the water @ lake powell for like 5 minutes. check it out, cory mon actually put this picture as their band photo! i win! wooo
this has nothing to do with anything really but we have seen this lady twice motor chairing around orem. she went through iceberg drive thru in it! so awesome!
this was a while ago but the vibrant sound invited us up on stage to dance and that was really fun. i like that picture. haha guess who gets to go on mini-tour and do merch? meeeeee! if you guys haven't heard their tunes yet, listen to them. they are the bombtrack. so are cory mon & the starlight gospel. i am a lucky girl to get to hang around that art all the time!
last but not least saturday morning was spent garage saling in cranberry hill with our friend erin and we had a blast. i bought two bifold doors for only $10 bucks that are antique and from 1950! jake found a drum from 1920 that they don't make that brand anymore, worth lots, paid $15. ha! as you can see, life is but a dream.

p.s. at like 10:30 am, while garage saling in cassidy's hood, i went in to say hi to her. she and sam were NOT happy to see me. it made my day though.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I swear it was earlier than that!! I am grumpy in the morning.. I can't help it! but my deepest apologies! I am glad it was a success though.. love you!

  2. You have been up to some pretty fun adventures lately! the only thing thats missing is... ME!!!! I miss me some Sarah Ryth action.
    Also haha cass told me about you waking them up! So funny, I want you to wake me up! I'll go garage saling with you!

  3. i want to go to that store! how cute. i love that you guys slept in the back of that car. haha thats awesome. you two are so cute!