Thursday, June 25, 2009

how-to's and happiness.

Something J and I have been worried about is wind! Our wedding date gives us a pretty good chance of it not raining. If it does, we have a back-up (but for the most part it will be much less fun if it is indoors so mother nature we are begging you please do not rain!!) Then we started thinking though, what if we set up everything outside and then wind hits!? This could cause major havoc. So I googled and here is what e-how said.

"When most people think about bad weather ruining their outdoor weddings, they think about rain. It's far more likely that you will have problems with wind on your wedding day than with rain, however. Wind can kick up in all seasons, and it can upset your decorations, your linens, your cake, your glasses and many other parts of your wedding. Making a plan to deal with wind ahead of time can stop it from causing real havoc.

Things You'll Need:
Fishing weights
Hurricane lanterns

Step 1
Choose a location that has natural protection from direct winds. If you're getting married on the beach, some cliff-side and cove locations are protected from direct wind. If you're getting married in an orchard or park, trees can offer some protection.

Step 2
Choose a sturdy tent with weighted sides to stand up to strong winds. Cheap tents can buckle and even crumble when hit with moderate winds. Get a guarantee from the tent rental company that your tent well stand up to winds of X mph.

Step 3
Plan to have an indoor backup location. A good idea for all outdoor weddings, you may need to use your backup location if particularly strong winds set in. Even if you have a tent, you may not be protected in seriously strong winds.

Step 4
Weigh down centerpieces. Flowers aren't usually that heavy, so you'll need to put extra weight inside centerpieces to keep them in place in the wind.

Step 5
Protect candles from getting blown out by using hurricane lanterns as a backup. Lanterns and simple glass vases also work.

Step 6
Choose heavy stemware. A strong gust of wind can knock over a light wine glass easily. Metal stemware is naturally weighted.

Step 7
Stop the wind from ruining your hair by choosing a style that looks best when wind swept. A loose updo or tousled down look will only be enhanced by a little wind."