Monday, June 29, 2009

headbands and happiness.

Dear Monday,
You are a punk. Just kidding, but why do you have to come? You ended my perfectly good weekend, yet again. Let's just skip you next week okay? Deal.
Love, Sarah Jane

I am loving all of the cute headbands i've seen lately... but to my shame, I haven't actually worn one. Here is the situation. I am pretty sure my head is funny-shaped. The bands either don't sit down on my head, or they make my ears poke out (which is weird cause my ears really aren't pokey-outy) or they just hurt. Is that normal? I want to figure out a way to wear them!! (and pull them off....) anyone got any advice for me?

Aren't these lovely?
They are from band.o

This bride works it well.
It doesn't hurt that max wanger is an amazing photog.


  1. Hi, just found your blog. Love it.

    You need to buy one now and wear it every day!