Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dress shopping and happiness.

Dress shopping. In utah. Let's face that we just don't have very many options! You look through magazines and sure, that's great and all but where are you going to find any of the dresses in the mags? New York, Cali, Texas, you know... bigger cities! Salt Lake just doesn't have the selections. Ok, I shouldn't say they have no selections. They have plenty of selections of FRUMPY dresses. But have no fear! There are a few choice places where you may find a non-frumpy dress, that you LOVE and the ladies there will gladly help you alter it into the perfect dress for you. Whatever sleeves or jacket you can dream of can be added on. It's lovely.

Bridal salons worth going to in Utah:

A Bride Beautiful
Danielle's Bridal
Alyse's Bridal
David's Bridal

Where I find my very favorite dresses:

A Bride Beautiful

I am about to buy my dress! I can't wait. It is made by Demetrios. Definately love at first sight when it came to this dress. I tried on some other ones but I couldn't get my mind off of the first one! It is perfect. I wish I could show a picture but I don't want to risk J seeing it! Also, it needs alterations. I want to change it from strapless to having sleeves and create a sweetheart neckline. Updates to come later.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more (and seeing more)about it!

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