Wednesday, June 24, 2009

color and happiness.

So I finally have colors! The problem now is that... i'm afraid I might like them TOO MUCH... Oh well what can you do, right? It might be normal... So the final verdict is jade, yellow/gold, plum & pinkish cranberry. Oh and of course gray. I know that pinkish cranberry isn't a very clear description but you just have to see it. I really like this lemonade picture. It serves no purpose except something beautiful for your eyes to feast on. But hey! look at the colors! Hooray
photo by Alexandra Grablewski
I am obsessed with this engagement shoot, nay, this photographer! I don't even know his actual name I just came across this photo and fell in LOVE. Isn't this such a beautiful setting? The colors are amazing. Too bad Japan is so far away...

via Yutu's flickr via vintage glam.

post script.. the novio and i are going to the big blue monster today to see what is in store for us in terms of tapestries and lights and what not! i can't hold in my excitement. these things are so fun. i love bargain hunting.


  1. JAPAN.. I just bought our tickets we leave in an hour! Damn YEAH!

  2. that is one amazing photoshoot.....congrats on your engagement!
    I'm getting married next year and am planning to do it under 10K ! what's your budget like?