Wednesday, May 27, 2009

thank the heavens above for lysol disinfectant wipes.

natalie dee
Cleaning is so much easier in the modern day. I am cleaning the townhome today. Needless to say (but I will say it anyway)5 busy twenty somethings living under one roof = cleaning to do and no one with enough time to do said cleaning. Most of the mess consists of diet coke/ddp cans and crest cups, hair that is shed (lots of it, as we all have long hair), bobby pins, undone laundry, and dust. Nothing that can't be handled with a diligent day off.

Speaking of this townhome. If anyone is looking for a place to live this fall (girls!) I am trying to sell my contract. If you know anyone that is looking tell them about this or have them call me! . It could be available sooner if someone wanted it sooner. Arlington Townhomes in Provo, $310 a month + utilities, there are two, maybe three spots here available. REALLY fun BYU ward, I would not be moving unless I had to! The girls that live here are super fun and drama-less and I have loved every minute of living here. Hard wood floors, washer & dryer, dish washer, walk-in closets, you get the idea! It is the lap of luxury!!!


  1. Whoever it is that left diet coke cans around is cool. Dr. Pepper, not so much.. P.S. I thought you live in Salt Lake?

  2. no I do not want to buy your contract. But I do love a good wipe. I called you yesterday and I will be waiting for you to call me back today... p.s. I think i'm falling, I might want to get a facebook. What has happened to me?

  3. diet coke is for girls, jordan.
    ps nope, provo forever