Thursday, May 21, 2009

on a more positive note!

Fact: You are the creator of your own destiny. (see post below, and try the opposite)
Fact: I like flower pens.
Fact: I also like freezing cold DDP.
Fact: If you talk to kellie on the phone you will hear- 'hold on a sec- Hi can I get a route 44 diet coke with extra extra lime? thank you!' -smile when you do.
Fact: Love is in the air, everyone is tying the knot.
Fact: I want to be on a bowling league and in a book club when i am supermom.
Fact: All I want to do is garden. What?
Fact: The dot over the little 'i' is called a tittle.
Fact: We asked my uncle Tim if he was a fan of John Wilkes Boothe, and he hesitated.
Fact: I can't stop smiling.
Fact: Gmail chat + Sar + Cass = the sharing of very useless thoughts.
Fact: My head might explode from thinking nonstop about crafts I want to do.


  1. I am a fan of John Wilkes Booth.. NOT!

    Also, lets buy a green and grow our own flowers for our weddings?

    I tell Trev on a weekly basis that I want to be on a bowling league! LETS DO IT!


  2. i really do. k you and me this fall new wives bowling league we can invite non marrieds too cause thats not fair ahhaha

  3. i want a clear ball with like a flower in the middle or something? That's be rad

  4. genius idea! i want a colorful indian - moroccan pattern