Friday, April 17, 2009

yard sale season approaches us.

Can I get a yes please?

There are a few items that I am going to be looking for in particular this year. If any of you happen to see them, let me know so I can go check out the merch!

  • TIFFANY LAMP! What... a girl can dream.
  • Bed skirt. This will be a tough one because bedding at yard sales is usually ugly. I have faith though that something way rad could turn up so I am going to keep my eyes peeled.
  • Knobs ... old neat ones. For drawers and things. I have a project in mind. Example below/right.
  • Bookshelf. Not too big and not too small. For my bedroom.
  • Mirrors for my collection.
  • Vanity. That would be so nice to have in my room! I do not like getting ready in the bathroom.
  • Old chairs, benches, stools, that could be easily renewed.

Things you need when you go yard saling:

  • Cash -small bills too!
  • Fanny pack. Ok maybe that's just me.
  • A pal or two who WANT to be there. *Don't drag someone around with you who doesn't want to go... they will be miserable and that will probably ruin your fun.
  • Route 44 Strawberry Limeade/something light to snack on in the car.
  • Quality (upbeat?) tunes in the car. Unless you want to listen to the newest T-Pain/Fergie Collaboration 89 times on the radio.
  • Good eyes!!!


  1. I am so there its not even funny. Like I just got giddy. okay loves

  2. hahaha dont listen to the radio! I enjoy yard sales.