Wednesday, April 1, 2009

third blog in two days? yeah i know. i don't care.

dos cosas.
1 APRIL. Thank you so much for coming. I love you. What.. Too strong...? I don't care. I do. Even if you do snow on me on your first day. This love is uncondish.

2 TWILIGHT CONCERT SERIES. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN APRIL!!!! This year's line up is being leaked and not everything is up yet but here is what we do know. I am so excited I might tinkle.. July 9: Bon Iver, Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley)

July 16:Black Keys
July 23: M. Ward (who collaborated with my favorite favorite actress Zooey Deschanel [who I want to BE!)] in "She and Him" mmmm yes. i wish she was coming too.)
July 30: Sonic Youth


  1. blog blog blog blog blog Yay!

  2. the thing is... Yay for spring but thats all i can relate to on this blog. Im happy for spring though.. so thats good.