Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ramses is not dancing he does not dance at the party.

Fact: I want to make fun Pysanky easter eggs. Aren't these so neat?
Fact: I love Easter! It is such a glorious holiday.
Fact: I am glad it's warm enough to ride a bike and rollerblade now since I can no longer afford any other form of transportation.
Fact: I am excited for the summer because I miss going to the movies. There is nothing good playing right now that I am aware of.
Fact: Peeps and Dots (the candy) are probably two of the most terrible ideas anyone has ever had.
Fact: I have an unhealthy love for soft drinks. Mmm!
Fact: There is never a replacement for thoughtfulness.
Fact: I'm sorry that I correct your grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm aware it's annoying. I can't help it.
Fact: If you really could step into a story, I would choose Harry Potter without hesitation.


  1. coolest eggs I've ever seen, hands down...Sarah la la la....I posted some new work for my movie. Stop by, refreshments are by the door

  2. hahha your title from NACHOOO LIBRE! Love you and your creativity. You must have gotten it from me.

  3. I taught you everything you know.