Monday, April 27, 2009

21 21 21

I had the best birthday!!! I want to blog it. I loved every second of it. RED IGUANA. Excellent mexican cuisine. No really, it is the best. After we went to Liberty Park to Earth Jam 2009. Let me explain it in as little words as possible : wind, water, fire, earth, dreads, hemp, incense, subarus, peace, love, smoke, freedom. Haha? For real. So funny.
band aid on VW busoh the sights at liberty park! freedom at its most literal.
Then we saw a movie -seventeen again- loved it- with my favorite person! we pretty much had the theater to ourselves.

Also, I got to go to dinner thurs with my best friends and my birthday/hand twin courtney on thursday! thank you thank you to all who showed up for us it was so perfect! Indian food with dad, jenny, grandpa steve cam and jacob on friday! Sunday dinner at mom's was most delish. bBasically I ate and played a lot this weekend! It was so much fun. I am so grateful to have the friends and family that I have. I love you all. Thank you for always making it so much fun to celebrate another year of my life. I am never disappointed!


  1. Best friends minus me!!! I wish I could've been there, love you sar!