Friday, March 6, 2009

vzw pix hall of fame.

You know how there are those pictures on your phone that you just like and you can't get yourself to delete them and if you lose them you know you will be sad? Yeah. Just thought i'd share my favorites!! I have had my phone for almost two years. I love the memories it holds.

family photo! :)
when i poured hot wax all over myself on accident trying to smell cass's candle. why did slaw bring this spider to my house? i hated it and i still do. eeeeek.the pups! veggin' on moms bedpolygs at wendys in beaver oohhhh yeahi went with patti to her bridals and i snapped this and i just really like it?i love with dreads hmm. i just want to see this little girl in ten years. really. really bad. hukilau french toast and tall boy dp! yes pleasekitty = ferocious beast! this is actually from this morning :)tys & me in the h of f's comparing hand sizes. he has punching bag fingers.haha. this is so blurry but it's a shot from a video my mom was taking of us at the tillamook cheese factory in oregon. we were not happy! the ice cream was melting faster than we could lick.our fridge at branbury. i was for some reason really sad about having to take everything off of it so i took a pic. i am sentimental haha. oh just me creepin' you know. what's that you say? no i do not know even one of the girls in this picture. i was sitting next to garret h of f while he looked at his facebook and i saw this picture and really liked the colors. soo pretty right??cory and boo boo at scoopology. i think it's cute, and corys face is funny. oh yeah. mom and i made these. yusss! what? they were for bridal shower if you must and i at echo res. boating last sum! i miss the pink ranger.


  1. ha I am going to go ahead and thank you for not putting up the picture of me when I got my wisdom teeth out....that's just plain embarrassing!

  2. ha! i know i decided to leave that one out and the one of me from my wisdom teeth for our embarassments sakes! those pictures are amazing though

  3. haha i love it!! the spider one and kitty with dead mouse one... scared me

  4. haha i love these...such a great idea to do this because really there are some great photos you get with your phone and it would be an extremely sad day if anything happened to them...i just might copy you my dear!