Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spring fever and what it means to me.

I can't concentrate on Work! or School! For real. Here is what spring fever does to me: I feel the urgent need to...
-Decorate. Everything.
-My house, Mom's house, Dad's house, Office, Car?? Etc!
-On lunch today I bought a welcome mat for no good reason. I wish I could say just kidding. I really did.
-Make flower arrangements. Buy fresh flowers. Wear floral patterned everything.
-Watch HGTV, Try to copy them.
-Buy housewares on Etsy. Vintage tupperware ya'll.
-Go on picnics.
-Rollerblades practically beg me to put them on and roll out.
-Wear white teeeeeees.
-Retrieve Route 44 Strawberry Limeade (How in the stars and stripes do you spell that word. Is that right?)
-Go barefoot most places and keep the flops in the car with me for occasions when they are necessary.
-Go garage sale!!!!!!
For real though. I wish that I could buy some pretty flowery wreaths for every front door. In the whole wide world.


  1. Okay I will do every single thing on this list with you!! I'm not even kidding, its like you read my mind! Confession...I have been wanting to make flower arrangements for so long now!!

  2. You need to STOP BUYING THINGS. Why dont you... go to harmons.. buy some meat.. and come grill! thats what spring / summer is all about! hahaha i liked the stars and stripes comment that was rich.