Sunday, March 15, 2009

My advice is the best advice.

I am waiting for a ride back to provo! And if I don't do something I will go lie down and fall asleep and that would be no bueeeno. So here I am! These are rules that I generally try to live by (not that I am perfect, try is the key word here) and I think that it would do others good to live by them too. Just throwing them out there...

1. Do not live at home for longer than you should...
2. Brush your teef.
3. Do not trust anyone who doesn't like dogs.
4. Do not put your gum anywhere except in your mouth or in a trash can. Do not let me see it.
5. Do not read every label of everything you eat. You will make yourself crazy and THAT will make you fat.
6. Find beauty in simple things. Learn to appreciate things that are not of luxury and "class" and things that may not be the most elaborate. You will save yourself money, and boredom, and stress if you learn that. Do not worry about having the most sleek sporty car or the newest clothes. You will never have enough. Ever.
7. Dance. Dance even if you don't know anyone in the room. They will like you more if you do than if you don't. Ability to dance is a gift. It is good for your heart. It is good for your soul. It is good for your general well-being and the well-being of whatever gathering you are at.
8. Do not partake of american cheese.
9. Share. Even if you are poor, just keep sharing things. You will be happier than if you are worried about who ate this out of your cupboard or who borrowed that shirt. Just shaaaaare.


  1. sarah. this made me happy. you make me happy and i miss you. lets dance.

  2. Yes al lets do!!! It has been 500 years.

  3. this is a little late...the animation theater is called the virtual reality room but It actually doesn't really do 3d. It has the software but doesn't work. Anyhow....