Monday, March 2, 2009

let me tell ya'll sumthin


Also i am extremely sleep deprived but who really cares ?? Sleep is for the birds!

I finally saw Hot Rod in a real theater!!! YES. Arguably the best movie ever. Thank you Jacob :) I look like a tool in that pic but I wanted to document it. Yes that is the BYU animation movie theater. (i forget it's real name..tyler? that's your territory!!!)
I want to go to Machu Picchu super bad right now. Isn't it funny how there are so many places in the world that are so amazing that we want to see but we kinda forget about them til we have to learn about them in school or something like that and then all of a sudden it is all we think about for a few days...
Anyway.. let me tell you about the craft store blues. I actually wrote this a long time ago but somewhere else. It is still very real today.
Lately I have frequently found myself in a craft store. Not only am I in a craft store, but I am depressed, in a craft store. Here's why: They are overwhelming. Because I LOVE them. They are my favorite! They are full of everything you could ever need to keep yourself busy until the second coming. I usually spend at least a good hour in one. Each and every aisle I walk down makes me want to start a new project. All of a sudden I want to knit myself a sweater. No, wait, I want to paint something made of wood. Psh, wood? Screw that, look at this whole plethora of rhinestones and glitter glue! (MY FAVORITE) But here is where it all turns dark. I literally see a cloud form over my head and shatter my dreams when I realize I only have nineteen dollars. That is enough for six rhinestones and a ball of yarn. Why is it so expensive for these forsaken things? These vain and foolish traditions of men! So.. I walk out of there with little or nothing of use and with no more dough in my pocket. Wahhh! haha but really. Craft night asap boys and girls. whoever... I need one. I need some new desk decor because it is looking awfully shabby up in my nook at allstate!

I saw Andrew Bird last week and he was so dang increible! Loooooved every second of it. Also, Loney Deer from Sweden opened and they were bieeen! This is the grupo >

Adrienne's friends were very interested in hearing me speak Ibes which I had forgotten I even spoke up til that night! Ha it has probably been three years since i've used it but no worries I still got it. I am sooo bilingual, I dont know why I have been so worried about spanish this whole time.

Oh yeah. Last but not least. I know I am super late in seeing it but J took me to see MARLEY AND ME! Oh my gosh. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. It was soooo good! Heart warming! I love dogs! I loved the story.. What a great piece of uplifting media! I recommend it ya'll.


  1. Sar. loving the pic of your and J. i wants to meet him. Also...
    We share a passion for craft stores. i love them. lets start our craft night and make lots of cute things!!

  2. haha sar that picture of Iron and wine is awesome. I love iron and wine.. i just discovered them on my ipod like a month ago. Beards are cool.

    I love you.